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How to Develop Yourself

We all have the ability to become more than we were yesterday. It doesn’t always start with a massive change, in fact, that might hinder your development if you can’t maintain your self-discipline. Instead, consider small things at first before moving to larger goals. In my personal life I hit an all-time high weight of … Continue reading How to Develop Yourself

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What are your constraints?

The purpose of the Dillon Group, Inc. is to develop leaders within our companies and brands and develop leadership within our clients and their organizations. Whether we help our clients develop leaders through training, mentoring, or coaching, or we help their organization develop market leadership, there are fundamental laws that govern leadership. As a long-time … Continue reading What are your constraints?

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You Are Capable

Think of all the complex tasks you do everyday. Driving cars, playing musical instruments, the very act of handwriting- these are very complex activities. Take teeth brushing, for instance. Somehow you have to maneuver your meat-covered skeleton made from stardust into a space where you have access to water, a teeth brush, and teeth paste … Continue reading You Are Capable

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What is a High Performance Home?

What is a high performance home? It is a home built in a way that integrates building science into the construction process, leading to improved energy efficiency and increased durability. In turn, the homeowner has lower utility bills and maintenance costs, improved comfort levels and higher resale value. Building a high performance home requires that … Continue reading What is a High Performance Home?

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The Building Envelope

The building envelope is an air barrier and thermal boundary that are continuous and touching and separate conditioned space from unconditioned space or the outside. The envelope of a simple house may be the floor, the walls (including exterior doors and windows) and the flat ceiling. There are many ways for a builder to define … Continue reading The Building Envelope

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