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Online Job Training

Online job training has become the buzzwords for a lot of folks over the past couple of years. In 2010, I wrote myself the following note: “Since close to a third of all job training is delivered electronically, I’ve been exploring some of the advantages and pitfalls of this knowledge delivery system. I must admit … Continue reading Online Job Training

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Green Job Training: Tasks or Thinking?

Green job training programs often focus on teaching students how to do certain tasks related to sustainability. The goal is to fill the student’s mind with facts and memorized behavior- and after passing a standardized test, we have a certified worker capable of being deployed in the workforce. Really? Socrates saw the process of education … Continue reading Green Job Training: Tasks or Thinking?

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ENERGY STAR HVAC design is not hard, really…all that needs to be done is a proper Manual J, select equipment using Manual S, and design the duct system according to Manual D. Yet…we are constantly finding “a failure to communicate” between Raters and HVAC Contractors. ENERGY STAR HVAC design is simply following the ANSI Standard … Continue reading ENERGY STAR HVAC Design

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Murder in Miami: RE166 Proposed Energy Code Change

Energy code changes lead to interesting relationships, full of histrionics, hyperbole, and drama. Lots and lots of drama. Particularly around proposed change RE166. Lobbyists of all sorts come out to play, some misleading (Trust me, the name of my group has “Save” or “Energy Efficient” in it!), all interested in advocating whatever position they are … Continue reading Murder in Miami: RE166 Proposed Energy Code Change

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Free Ridership

Free ridership is a theory that has taken the energy code universe by storm. Perhaps by stormtroopers would be a better analogy. Free ridership basically is a theory that doesn’t give credit to beyond minimum performance- essentially saying, “You are already performing beyond our minimum expectations, so why should we reward you?” If we were … Continue reading Free Ridership

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