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The Problem with Education

We have an education problem. Yes, funding is being cut and teachers are being laid off. But that is not the heart of the issue. Since the inception of public school, education has been about producing workers. This is an industrial model. It is an outdated model. We are creating these workers for jobs that … Continue reading The Problem with Education

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The College Question

Should I go to college? It’s an important question. One that is asked of you when you start high school. Because that’s the goal of high school, to get you good enough grades and to score high enough on all you AP and SAT tests so that you can get into a prestigious college. The … Continue reading The College Question

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Failure is an Option

“If you don’t turn in your homework, you will fail this class.” “If you don’t pass this test, you will fail and be held back.” “If you don’t go to school, you won’t get a good job.” Early on we are taught that failure is not an option. Failure means that you are unintelligent, weak, … Continue reading Failure is an Option

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A Good Trainer

A good trainer is a rare find because many Train the Trainer programs often focus on teaching the mechanics of how to do a certain task, or follow a prescriptive formula for a specific program. That’s not what Train the Trainer programs should be- instead, they should focus on teaching trainers the best ways to … Continue reading A Good Trainer

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What is Possible?

What is Possible? I have an imagination and I’m not afraid to use it. I had an employee give me a button to wear with that on it- and I wore it every day at that workplace. When I was much younger, relatives called me “Spock” because I would comment on human behavior with “That’s … Continue reading What is Possible?

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