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Intellectual Ferret

Intellectual Ferret focuses on delivering understanding, not just information.

Intellectual Ferret

is the Dillon Group, Inc., brand that provides our clients with online education, workshops, and seminars. We draw understanding and insights out of our students in the domains of residential construction, energy efficiency, business, and education.

Socrates saw the process of education as drawing out instead of filling up the mind.

Learning is a change in the learner’s knowledge that is attributable to experience. Many workforce development programs focus on performance and neglect competence. Most assessment methods focus on measuring performance, and neglect competence. Do you need an employee who performs well when conditions are stable, and everything is certain, simple, and clear or do you need an employee who performs well when conditions are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous?

Online Education
We deliver many of our programs online as individual courses or through our customized corporate university program.

Curriculum Development

We use an evidence-based approach to both the science of learning and the science of instruction. We create custom content for our clients, whether they are a national trade association or a small business, that meets their specific needs identified through a rigorous assessment process.

Because we use evidence-based learning, our assessment process for our students is designed to promote learning, give them confidence, improve their metacognition skills, drive institutional self-assessment and curricula change, and weed out the few students who are unlikely to overcome their deficiencies. We offer our clients assessment services that range from performance to competence, through evidence-based principles and practices.

Workshops and Seminars
In addition to our online education programs, we offer workshops and seminars in the domains of education, media, quality management, business, wellness, and sustainability.

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John Stuart Mill wrote in 1867: "Education makes a man a more intelligent shoemaker, but not by teaching him how to make shoes: it does so by the mental exercise it gives."

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