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Provocative Insights

"The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer."- Peter Drucker

Provocative Insights

is the Dillon Group, Inc., brand that provides our clients strategic, competitive, and customer insights. We apply a rigorous process of discovery and analysis to your problems, then recommend solutions grounded in evidence and tempered with intuition.

Our team leverages their expertise across multiple domains to solve your challenges. Based on our values of curiosity, creativity, perspective wisdom, and leadership, we solve your wicked problems.

Strategic Insights

Strategy has 3 parts:

  1. Goals aligned with purpose
  2. Resource allocation to achieve your goal
  3. Execution

The Dillon Group, Inc., develops provocative insights that help you figure out what you really want to achieve and why it is important. We also help you understand the best way to use the resources you have, as well as identify gaps that you have in resources and in your strategic plan, gaps that prevent you from executing well.

Our provocative insights into the minds of your customers, competitors, stakeholders, and your people help reduce your risk, prevent bad decision making, and produce a winning strategy that achieves your goals when properly executed.

Competitive Insights

Our Provocative Insights team provides competitive insights that:

    • allows your organization to stay nimble
    • allows your organization to react quickly in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world
    • helps your organization learn from the mistakes of others
    • helps your organization stay ahead of your competitors
    • helps your organization differentiate itself in a crowded market
    • reduces your risk of falling into pitfalls and traps
    • improves your ability to innovate
    • identifies areas of opportunity
    • produces a competitive strategy
    • improves decision-making
    • saves time
    • saves money
    • avoids costs
    • increases revenue
    • adds value
    • avoids surprises
    • detects competitive threats

Our provocative insights allow us to produce objective, clear, and concise reports about developments in your marketplace, explain the forces that created your market conditions, analyze the implications of different scenarios, and recommend courses of action.

Customer Insights

“Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”- Peter Drucker
Our team of polymaths provide services that help you determine your customer’s real needs through the lens of the Jobs To Be Done Theory. The provocative insights gained from observing your potential customers (and your current customers) in the context of their lives help you understand what influences the customer to choose specific solutions and why customers don’t buy solutions they say they want.

Our services help you avoid making disastrous decisions during offering development, pricing, and delivery.

We also help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing messages through the insights developed from a deep understanding of your customer’s Job To Be Done.

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"The business has two- and only two- functions: marketing and innovation."- Peter Drucker

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