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Media Production

At Skaldic Media, we think, we speak, we write, we film

At Skaldic Media, we think, we speak, we write, we film--and we love what we do!

From telling the story of a small winery to producing online educational content, from short films with a message to docudrama scripts, we create compelling content that engages the audience. We might make you laugh, we may make you cry, but we will always make you think.

We take our name from the ancient Skalds, the Scandinavian storytellers who kept the culture alive through their epic tales of chieftains and warriors.

Our media practice includes Skaldic Media, our in-house production team that provides event coverage, marketing, filmmaking and writing services.

Event Coverage
Do you have an event coming up? Do you want to document the event for the attendees? Our self-contained, mobile team covers everything from grand openings to large, nationally-recognized conventions with interviews, session recordings, and panel coverage.

We also provide marketing support through videos and visual support pieces such as infographics, posters, and handbills. When you need to convey your message to capture the hearts and minds of your audience, we weave your story into a successful marketing campaign. We are story-tellers at our core, and we carefully craft our work for maximum effect using evidence-based principles of influence to drive behavioral change and mindset shifts.

We produce films that might make you laugh, may make you cry, but will always make you think. From telling your organization’s story to serials that keep you in the mind of your customer, from short films to skits that simply brighten your day, we create content that engages the mind and captivates the heart.

We aren’t just filmmakers. We also write website copy, scripts, plays, educational texts, white papers, and research reports, designed to surface the story of our subject in ways that connect people with information. We combine fictional narratives with facts to bring truth to life, generate a story that resonates with our reader, and encourage thought from our audience.

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From marketing to employee engagement, Skaldic Media will tell your story.

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